Schlachter Sentimentalität - Every operation needs a name

Schlachter Sentimentalität
Every operation needs a name

In the last few weeks there were some nice operations by agents from the Netherlands or from the Ruhr-Area with anchor portals around Münster.

My last operation was many weeks ago. So I thought it’s the time for my next field to cover Münster. I began to experiment with the intelmap. Looking for some nice portals in a row and the best direction in three different locations around Münster. And after trying, planning, deleting and starting again from the scratch I found my three locations with at least 5 Portals: Dülmen – Wettringen – Warendorf.

Checking the checkpoints for the next week and fixed the date for this operation for the CP on 11 PM on Thuesday June 14th.

Agents were asked to farm the keys and transport to Münster. Other Agent was asked to bring the keys to the teams near the anchor portals. This Time the links goes through blue small cities and the expected amount of Jarvis was high. But during the last day some frogs gave their best to do our Jobs. So at this point some special thanks to some good known frogs for cleaning our link routs.

Our first activities started at 9 PM with cleaning the area. We couldn’t see serious activities from frogs in the corridors. The most thrilling thing was the thunderstorm in the east corridor. 30 Minutes to go, so we could start in time with throwing the jarvisses at many points around Münster at the same time. 10 Minutes later the first field appears in the sky above Münster. 5 minutes before the Checkpoint the last field was build.

We built 18 Fields with a total score of 3 589 698 MU

#lostcities #münster

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#sitrep #ReswueIsAwesome #gurkensalat

+ingress +Julia Vivienne Loverdose

Involved RES agents:


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